Imagine this is a compelling blog post title...

Sorry for the unplanned blog disappearance but I got pretty sick over the weekend rather than just being under the weather... I'm back to work today but honestly, I'm still exhausted. This year has finally caught up with me and I'm worn out... I probably shouldn't have tried to fight it so hard all year last week... I think it hit me harder because of it.

We have so much coming up as well for the rest of the year and just thinking about it makes me even more tired - I'm really looking forward to it but right now I need some sleep and a cup of tea, preferably with a giant cookie, with chocolate chips or maybe even some cake. Cake would be good.

Anyway, I'm so behind on everything now - work, blog reading, photoswap emails, finishing that roll of film in my diana mini (taking double the photos with the half frame is actually quite challenging when you're only used to 24 photos...) so if I'm not around your blogs much, its because I'm still catching up (or I'm asleep...)

p.s. Hi to my latest followers, I have no idea where you've come from but 399 is pretty ridiculous/amazing/overwhelming/fantastic/exciting, I hope I don't disappoint when I'm feeling better, eep!I better start planning a major thank you giveaway for you all :) exciting!