A polaroid themed giveaway - closed!!

Right now I am (hopefully) sitting on a train to Minehead for ATP curated by Matt Groening! I am so excited!

So... as I have no polaroids to share with you today I decided that now would be an awesome time to have a giveaway to celebrate polaroid week and being nice!

This giveaway is a bit epic as there will be
not one but four different winners
each winning something from a truly wonderful shop.

I must admit I am a teeny bit jealous of the winners already.

First up is the lovely Diana with her shop City Light Photography. I have loved Diana's work for almost as long as I have been blogging and I always automatically think of her images when I think of polaroids so I am delighted to include her work in the giveaway!

So you can win... Diana's Polaroid Carnival Set which includes 3 gorgeous 5x5 prints of polaroid photos.

Next up is Phebe with her creative polaroid prints, I only discovered Phebe's flickr this week through Pugly Pixel but I was instantly smitten and inspired by her sense of fun and adventure especially as I am just now starting to take polaroids of my own.

So you can win... an 8 x 10 print of Phebe's delightful Legs in the Sky print.

Next is Sarah from Urban Varieties with her amazing prints. I have a weakness for anything camera related on Etsy and when I first saw these my heart skipped a beat at the simplicity of how beautiful the black lines looked against the colour backgrounds. I could happily own one of each print if Thomas let me...

So you can win... An 8 x 10 print of Sarah's beautiful Polaroid 640 in teal.

And, last but not least is one of my favourite etsy shops, Cute n Boot. I already own some the pocket books from this shop and I absolutely adore carrying them around in my bag during the day just in case I need to write something down.

So you can win... a set of Cute n Boots darling polaroid pocket books portraying a time line of polaroid cameras.

The winners for this giveaway have now been announced.

Thank you to everyone who commented!!

Are you excited?? I am! I hope you have all loved Polaroid week not just here but on my tumblr and of course Flickr as well... I already can't wait for next year... I might have some colour polaroids by then!

Happy weekend!!