A post on blogging that I totally agree with... written by the lovely Christina at Down and Out Chic.

It's funny really as alot of people have been writing posts about blogging and some I have agreed with to a point and alot I have just been left feeling frustrated with... I haven't written anything before as I have been trying really hard to ignore the negativity but I have to be honest with you now...

I love blogging, I love my blog - I work incredibly hard on it - and I love the people who read my blog! I love the comments, I love the interaction, I love that I have made friends all around the world... and some close to home. I love that I made something from nothing and that I have found out more out about myself through blogging than I ever imagined I would.

Christina's post focused on being kind, working hard and measuring your success through your own happiness and right now its nice to love my blog without worrying that someone maybe be judging it negatively... or even feeling guilty about it's increased readership.
(I'm honestly still stunned you've all stuck around...)

Blogging is what you make it - there is always going to be negativity but personally I choose to ignore it - there is more positivity within me, my blog, my readers and the blogging world to concentrate on - so lets celebrate that instead!

It really is nice to be nice.

p.s. I hope this makes sense - I don't normally go for opinionated wordy posts.