I woke up on the wrong side of the bed - I have no idea why.
Maybe I had bad dreams?

Either way I can't seem to shake it off and my head is empty of happy posts (boo.)

So here's a mini list of things that are really ticking me off right now...

- Show off/attention seeking statuses on Facebook -
- Sugar free recipes that have loads of honey and sweeteners in -
- Half eaten muffins laying around the office -
- Ever changing train prices, what happened to the cheap fares?! -
- Late buses (a constant annoyance) -
- Other people sitting at my desk -
- A never ending list of things to do that just seems to get longer -
- The lid on my vaseline that always seems to be stuck -
-broken nails -

At least we're having Butternut squash risotto for dinner...

p.s. Oh and I really fancy a cookie - stupid healthy lifestyle!