Things I've learnt from blogs this week...

Yeay its Friday - I'm so glad this week has gone fast - I am more than ready for the weekend!

This week has been a bit odd for me - my moods are all over the place and just when I think I've figured myself out - I'm in another funk - I think it must the time of year for it... I can't wait for Spring, a bit of sunshine and lighter evenings! I'm hoping the weather stays nice enough for me to take some photos this weekend (and maybe even master my little fuji)- I think it will help...

I'm still wrestling in my head over polaroid film - I go to buy it and just before I hit check out I start to have second thoughts... these next few links are helping to sway me towards getting some sooner rather than later though...

  1. I love Susannah's polaroids and her blog is just amazing!
  2. Amanda's polaroids make my heart melt...
  3. I adore these polaroids
  4. I love clever polaroids!
  5. I love holgaroid's too!
  6. (oh and fuji instax mini's!)

And because I didn't do any links last week, heres a few extra of my favourites!

  1. Oh, I think I want a yellow hat!
  2. I love this stationary display (and all thing stationary, what a nerd...)
  3. I am loving these stamps (and the link the to tumblr!)
  4. I love the idea of revamping every month - I need to get organised first though.
  5. How to make the most adorable hearts - just in time for February
Have a great weekend!

p.s oh and I'm getting my Slow Readers Book Club book from the library tomorrow, I can't wait to start reading it!