Photoswap update!!

First here are the latest photoswappers that have uploaded photos since I last updated - they have all turned out amazingly and I am still so excited when I see new photos that have turned out beautifully!

Beautiful English countryside photos taken by Anton and sent to Kattrina

Gorgeous (accidental) black and white photos of San Francisco taken by Evelyn and sent to Alyson

Amazing photos of America and Ecuador taken by Kattrina and sent to Anton

Stunning black and white photos in the snow taken by Marisa and sent to Saskia

Pretty photos taken by Beth and sent to Janis

Stunning black and white photos of New York taken by Paulina and sent to Carly
Also, I have finally started putting together all the photos - instead of making a post I decided to just do a whole blog! What do you think so far? I still have a number of peoples photos to put together on individual posts but I think its ready to share now :)

However, as happy as I am about all the photos that have been featured so far, I am still a little disappointed that out of the 64 that took part in the swap, only 25 sets of photos have been uploaded (that I am aware of, if I have missed you then please let me know)

I know that people have been incredibly busy moving house, doing exams, etc and I honestly don't want to harrass but I am going to be sending individual emails out so if you could just update me on your situation then that would be so helpful.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been involved, I can't wait to see how the photoswap blog looks when its all finished :)