Photoswap update!

I am loving all the photoswap photos!!
It's so exciting seeing each persons come in!

Photos taken by Alyson and sent to Evelyn
Hug and cupcakes are so amazing, I love!

Photos taken by Erin and sent to Natasha
Such beautiful photos, I love the cameras :)

Photos taken by Jenni and sent to Jill
Such pretty colour and clouds.

Photos taken by Jill and sent to Jenni
I love the goats!

Photos by Melissa sent to Becca
I love the cute dog (its a puggle right?)

Photos sent by Natasha and sent to Erin
I love the shoe photo!

Photos taken by Ruth and sent to Stuart
How cute is the cat in the window.

Photos taken by Stuart and sent to Ruth
Washington looking gorgeous - I want to go.

If you haven't received your film from your partner yet or heard from them to say it may be late then please drop me an email at and we can sort something out.

p.s. the lovely Missy is having a giveaway to celebrate 100 followers - if you haven't seen her amazing blog yet then I highly recommend it :)