Happy Friday (Thing's I've learnt...)

This week has gone by so fast but at least its the weekend, I have no plans other than curling up in lots of blankets and watching lots of Christmas movies
(many recommended by yourselves, yeay!)

First up - the winner of this weeks giveaway from Belens Boutique is Jenni
(who's favourite christmas film is Elf - which I will be watching on Sunday, yeay)
Well done Jenni - I'll send you an email!

A huge thank you to Belen who has added some beautiful things to her shop this week - you should check it out - especially this and this - so pretty!

So to feed my christmas excitement here are some christmasy links for you!
  1. There are so many amazing gifts on etsy.
  2. I am making one of these next year (well probably two)
  3. I'm still not happy its so cold but Winter is pretty.
  4. Some lovely Christmas inspiration (I love the photo wreath!)
I hope you all have a lovely weekend - I'm really looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs - somehow my readers hit 1000+ again - oops!