Blog loving!

I don't think I will ever get bored of blog love - it really is an amazing thing!

My first love today is Nicole and Hannah's new shop, with love!
Its so unbelievably pretty and you can buy some Rhianne's!!

I'm in love, how perfect are they? Yeay!

My second (never ending love) is for Diana from Our City Lights shop!
I honestly couldn't believe how many lovely things that she sent me, it felt like Christmas was early when I received my package in the post!

and how cute are the ribbons and envelope?

Diana is currently having a sale - so have a look around!
I'm almost tempted to buy more things myself :)
And finally a huge thank you to Amy for her beautiful christmas tree photo that I got in the post yesterday - it totally made my day after a particularly rubbish day at work!

I think it looks perfect on the mantle next to our christmasy candle!
(and the green on the right is a toy of Broby from Yo Gabba Gabba - we're obsessed!!)
p.s. Don't forget about my giveaway as well - it ends tomorrow!!