Thing's I've learnt from blogs this week...

Eep, I know that I promised to answer the questions from the awards today but my head feels like it is about to EXPLODE! I've had a dull headache all week but today its a killer and my neck hurts too... I think I might cry if it doesn't go soon :/ and the lunch I brought with me today looks so unappealing as well - sob.

Anyway, I promise I'll answer the questions on Monday for you - when I'm feeling less pathetic/ill/melodramatic. I'll have all weekend to think up some good answers as well that way!

  1. I adore this idea for a wedding - love love love.
  2. I want to find a camera with half a roll of film in (Milly is my charity shop hero!)
  3. I know its a bit early but I love this fairy light project!
  4. I can not get enough of yellow imagery - still...
  5. I want this for my fridge so badly! And I can think of a few friends who would love it too!

On a side note - if you haven't checked out Wendy's Dear 16 Year Old Me project yet - I highly recommend it... I think the latest one has made everyone cry who read it, its amazing!

I hope you have all have fantastic weekends - I'm going clothes shopping tomorrow (headache permitting) in an attempt to find a christmas dress - wish me luck!