Thing's I've learnt from blogs this week...

Phew, it's a busy blogging today (please don't miss out on the christmas card post below!) but at leasts its Friday - woohoo! We don't have alot planned for this weekend which I'm quite excited about...

  1. I love tights - I wish I wore them more often.
  2. This dexter candy is amazing - I'm not sure if I would be able to eat it though...
  3. I want this card - its so cute!
  4. I wish my house exterior was this colourful.
  5. Wow - Jeff Hutton is sending out polaroids for free! (Thanks for tweeting about this Diana!)

I hope that you all have wonderful weekends whatever you have planned :)

p.s. Hello to my newest followers Mart and Lu, Farah, The Blanga Is, Katie, Molly Yeh, Shilbe Le, Gothic Chook, I Heart Yhoo, Tiffanny, Chymere, Peenkfrik, Kate, Shellbell, Blogger2r, Meg, Michely, JPRP, The Socialite and Amy! I'm so excited you are all here :)

p.s.s. Does anyone else think this friends connect thing sucks? Why doesn't it automatically link to peoples blogs so I can link to them here?! bah