I am thankful for blog love...

{amazing picture of my prints by Marisa}

A short while ago the wonderfully talented Megan asked to feature me on her blog, how exciting is that? My shop is only new but if you are interesting in what made me open my shop, what I love about it and what camera I would buy if money was no option then click here and check out my interview on Studio M.M.E's Wednesday feature. Thank you Megan!


I was so excited when I saw Marisa's post featuring my prints - especially as she loved them all. How prettily are they presented as well - I almost forgot they were mine! Thank you so much for buying some of my prints Marisa!


Last but not least the amazing Paulina is my featured blogger today on Diamonds in the Rough, I know you will love her as much as I do. Thank you for saying yes to being featured Paulina.

The lovely Saskia was also featured this week if you missed that!