Things I've learnt from blogs this week...

I am so glad it's Friday - As the lovely Nicole said 'its been one of those weeks' (check out the links from Diana in her post today!)

  1. Tea of the week - need I say anything else?
  2. I adore all these images!
  3. Oh and these as well - pretty
  4. Every day this week has felt a bit like this...
  5. more pretty pictures - I still love peacocks.
  6. An extra this week - have you seen Down and Out Chic's giveaway this week?!
    (Actually dont look - I want it :D )

I hope you all have great weekends!!

Oh and Photoswap Update II

I have sent about 95% of the emails out to people - if you havent received an email yet its because I am still chasing your partners address - but definitely start taking pictures this weekend. Hopefully I should have all the emails out by the end of the day or tomorrow.

If you haven't had an email from me by Monday then please contact me and we will hopefully sort it out.

The closing date to have photos taken and in the post by is November 23rd 2009. Have fun taking your photos - I'm taking helga out this weekend :)