Thing's I've learnt from blogs this week... and giveaway winner!

First things first: the winner of giveaway is Nicole! Well done!

Thanks again to Jana for emailing me - don't forget to visit her lovely shop!

I have never been so glad it's Friday! I am so rubbish at being ill and I really can't wait to relax a little bit at the weekend (oh and my diana mini should be here tomorrow... so excited!!)

  1. This may be the most beautiful thing I have ever read...
  2. Such a lovely way to celebrate Autumn!
  3. Favourite. picture. ever!
  4. Miniature is just so cute...
  5. If I ever find one of these in a charity shop I'll be incredibly happy! (Thanks Milly)

I hope you all have wonderful weekends! x

p.s. just a quick shout out to Jessica and Beth who looked through my Flickr photos - thank you! I loved reading your comments!

p.s.s. I nearly forgot... the photo swap closes on Sunday - so if anyone who thought about joining but hasn't yet is reading this - here's your chance!!