Things I've learnt from blogs this week...

I'm so glad it's Friday - I still feel disorientated from being ill at the beginning of the week but at least I had a chance to properly catch up on my reader and organise all the blogs I read (I hit the limit of blogs you can follow on Blogger - how crazy is that?!) We're ordering pizza tonight and having a cosy night in (with blankets of course) I can not wait!!

  1. Autumn means yellow and more yellow! (I love all of Abby's Autumn Colours Week in fact - check it out!)
  2. Oh and some yellow tights, yeay
  3. It's a week for colour! How amazing is this cake...
  4. I adore this jewelry - the pegs are my favourite!
  5. I love love love this family portrait!

I can not wait for Monday now, I have such an exciting project that I can not wait to share with everyone!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday!!

p.s. Hi to my newest followers Lola and Cynthia :)