Things I've learnt from blogs this week... (TGI Friday!)

We got a pumpkin, yeay but still no cake... oops!!
We named him Humprey... I'm not sure why but I like it, he's happy.

This week has been a hard one for me, I haven't really been able to shake off that 'meh' feeling since Wednesday and thinking of blog posts has been tough. I've never struggled before with posts so I don't like it one little bit! I think I am worrying about too many things at once and my brain has decided to empty itself rather than process it all...
  1. I love the cameras. Love love love.
  2. I seriously want a giant cardboard camera
  3. I love this idea - I want one
  4. I will never get bored of dogs in costumes (more here)
Least there were lots of pretty things to distract me this week and I will be seeing Harry later - yeay!! I hope you all have lovely lovely weekends and a fun halloween!
p.s. Hello to my latest followers Carol, Planet Luminaire, Artichoke Zine, Cinabar, Lotzaads, M_Sparke and Cecistupperware - I love having you here. Also a quick hi to the people following me on bloglovin, yeay!