Just to say...

So I'm checking blogger on my phone whilst we were at a gig last night, trying not to be too obvious so that Boyfriend doesn't give me any dirty looks (I'm terrible, I know, sorry Boyfriend, I love you) and I see 100 followers!!

Being sly goes totally out of the window, I grab his arm, thrust my phone in his face and squeal 'oh my gosh! 100 followers!!' and Boyfriend in all his excitement says.... "didn't you only celebrate 50 like a week ago?"

Technically Boyfriend it was just over a month, so there! And yes I am as surprised as you are...

Anyway, thank you so much for following and reading my blog, I love having you all here and reading your lovely comments - I really wish that I had been much more prepared and had another giveaway to offer you as a massive thank you but I got so excited by the photo swap I didn't even think about it... I shall think of something*

So... a big hello to my latest followers: Check out all their great blogs!

Lavelle (the cutest blog!), AlphaButtonpusher, Erika, Kora Bruce (do you have a blog?), Anna, Milly, Courtney, Heather, Carly, Neonemulsion (best name ever!), Or-so-I-feel, Katrina and Jill

*Incidently if any one reading this is thinking they want to do a giveaway on my blog (how convient would that be?!) Drop me an email :)