What a weekend...

This weekend was lovely and weird at the same time, leaving me slightly confused and disorientated:

  • Lovely because I was in London, one of my favourite places ever.
  • Weird because I was really very happy to leave.
  • Lovely because I got to catch up with some old friends...
  • Weird because I felt so different from the last time I saw them - was it me or them?
  • Lovely because I got to wander around Oxford Street, Harrods and Covent Garden :)
  • Weird because I hardly took any photos and I missed my holga!
  • Lovely because I saw one of my old housemates
  • Weird that she was guiding me around London despite the fact I lived there for a year (weird and annoying... I should probably add)
  • Lovely because I got some macaroons
  • and lovely because I took them all the way home to share with Boyfriend who was eagerly awaiting my return... (and the macaroons after I talked about them so much!)
  • and even more lovely because he made me go for a walk along the canal with him despite the fact I was complaining about being tired... I'm so glad he did now!

Luckily lovely won out in the end (mainly because of Boyfriend) but the weirdness still lingers - causing me to question things I was pretty sure on before I left.... argh!

p.s. Hi to my latest followers Kate and Oli, Chris and the wonderful Megan :)