Things I've learnt from blogs this week... (and last week)

This week has gone by so fast! I'm so glad its Friday! I have made a dent in my reader but its still on 1000+, sorry to everyone who I've over loaded with comments on their posts from last week - oops! I've doubling up the links this week to make up for not doing any last week (that and I found so many this week)

  1. I know I've just got a diana but I want a fisheye camera too (in fact I have for years - why haven't I got one?!)
  2. I still love post its...
  3. ...and coasters....
  4. ...and chalkboard paint
  5. I love the picture of the sheep
  6. I want this pillow!
  7. Vintage keys might be my favourite thing at the moment
  8. On that note check out this key inspired giveaway too, I love...
  9. These photos really are magical
  10. I still love Holga's - dont worry - check out these two lovely ladies photos: Wendy and Evelyn - so pretty!!

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

p.s. Hello to my latest followers: Tessa, This Lovely City (who has the most amazing wedding photos I have ever seen) and Fé...