Back from holiday...

Hello! So I'm back to the real world and mildly stressed out by Leeds buses already... we had such an amazing 10 days though, I almost wish that it wasn't over. I did enjoy sleeping in our bed last night and using our shower this morning however...

We haven't had time to sort through all the photos from the week yet (we took 3 camera's in the end) but I will start going through them straight away - I can't wait to share them with you :)
But, first a massive thank you to my guest bloggers - Paulina, Clara, Wendy, Chelsea, Fallon and Alissa - weren't their posts just amazing!! I could access my email occasionally on my phone in Wales (the O2 signal there is not great) and it was wonderful seeing all the comments that everyone left in response.

Also the biggest thank you to Simon (mentioned here) my sister's boyfriend who rescued the week by making sure that they all got posted. I have no idea what happened but on Sunday, half an hour before we had to leave to catch the train Blogger decided that it didn't want to schedule my posts so he made sure each one was posted on the correct day (phew).

Another thank you to the lovely Nicole at My Teacups in Peony who featured our love story and my parent's love story as part of her It's a love story project. If you haven't seen this project then pop over and have a look - its actually perfect!!

and finally a big hello to all my new followers - Lille Diane, Vania, Lauzc87, Aquaheart, Shokoofeh, **Nicole**, Kirsty, Pixel Wild Child, Kim Bohstedt, Mina (check out this blog, I love!), Lathaj01 and Britt_Martin16 - If anyone has a blog I haven't linked to please let me know! My reader is currently well over 1000+ but I will try and get a chance to read everyone's blog as soon as I can!