Things I’ve learnt from blogs this week...

Well, it’s been an odd week this week, the days have really dragged and the evenings have flown by… I’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of my first holga film… I really hope it’s in the post when I get home today. Boyfriend is taking me to Scarborough this weekend, I’m hugely excited, we’re even staying overnight (ohhhh) I love the beach and last time we were there it rained so I’m hoping it will be nicer weather. Hope you all have lovely weekend!!

  1. I seriously want one of these – It did make me smile – I’m not sure I would be able to eat the toast though, its too cute – unless it said ‘eat me’ maybe?
  2. These butterfly place cards are adorable!
  3. You can get rugs that look like grass – I miss having a garden and one of these would make up for it a little bit :)
  4. I wish I could find these molds for the UK– they are actually too cute! Eep!
  5. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of prints of cameras… these are stunning – I love the double exposure one.

p.s. Hello to my new followers Claudy, Radio Web Blog and Red Boots (I love your blog!)