9 Months!

Well, actually less than that now - I realised on the train on Friday that I had completely forgotten about this post... oops! I think it was for the best though because I got a call from the Bride to be on Saturday telling me that she has put a deposit down for her wedding dress! Eeeeeeeeee!

We first went wedding dress browsing 3 years ago (how time flies...) and I'll admit that I did get a little teary seeing her in such stunning dresses.

So here's another snipet of the wedding: a champagne coloured wedding dress.

The Bride to be is a gorgeous red head and the traditional white dress did not suit her at all but wow did she look amazing in champagne! I seriously can not wait to see the dress that she has finally chosen.

{All images from Disney Bridal: did you know Disney did wedding dresses? I had no clue. I love the idea of Princess wedding dresses though!}