Things I've Learnt This Week

Well, its been a short working week and its going to be a long weekend, yeay!! My younger sister is here today so I wrote this yesterday and set it to post later - I hope it works. So excited about my sister and her fella being here, we're having a trip to Manchester and hopefully Flamingo Land... I hope the weather holds. Hope you all have lovely weekends as well, see you next week :)

  1. I told Boyfriend ages ago that I would like a pig - I especially want one of these... eep!
  2. Weddings invitations are amazing! I love everything about this one, the story, the fonts...
  3. I love things that look like something else... (like the popcorn cupcakes, hehe) These cookies are awesome. How great would it be to make actual button size ones of these and put them onto cupcakes with icing... ohhhhhhh.....
  4. I guess these count in the same category - Crayons that look like stones... I love!
  5. Cupcake liners are multi functional, yeay!

p.s. Hello Erika C! Thanks for following :)