Aliens Vs Monsters 3D (Movie)

First I will admit that I have what my boyfriend terms as 'a lowbrow sense of humour' - though I don't think thats entirely accurate... just because I find some silly things really really funny, doesn't mean I'm lowbrow... Anyway, due to my sense of humour I found Aliens Vs Monsters extremely funny and really good fun. I laughed so hard I was crying at parts. It was Finding Nemo all over again - I was the only person laughing and the cinema was full of kids - the shame!

The cast of this film was ridiculous - Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Laurie (I love him!), Seth Rogan, Keifer Sutherland - to name a few... and each one was brilliant at portraying likeable and funny characters. Stephen Colbert was also a treat as the President - he had the best scene of the film!

Aliens Vs Monsters was also the first film that I saw in 3D and it was amazing! It turned a good, funny film into a great, funny film. I looked a bit silly with the 3D glasses over the top of my normal glasses, but it was worth it, I even flinched when a ball came flying towards me. Overall the film was great - despite the simple plot it was funny, endearing and very enjoyable - I giggled all the way home!