Wedding Party!

I love weddings! I'm a total sucker for them. I cry, I laugh, I smile and sometimes I dance. I was very self restrained at this party though, my eyes welled up during the first dance to Take That - Rule the World (awwwww) however, I didn't full on cry and the eye welling stopped when the bride turned to look at me... and laughed!

Part of me is still in shock that one of my oldest and best friends is married... the other is ridiculously happy for her! The party was great, the decorations, including the balloon arch, worked out well (phew! see below) and everyone seemed to have a lovely time. The bride looked gorgeous in her lovely white dress and the groom looked handsome (and somewhat smug) in his smart casual suit.

I do now want to sit on an elephant on my wedding day and have photos on the beach after seeing all the stunning photos of their wedding in Sri Lanka- I have a feeling that I will only manage one of those though: perhaps Cromer? :)