Through the wonders that is Virgin On Demand, we have just discovered my favourite television show ever! Pushing Daisies. A bold statement considering that I've only seen 5 episodes so far, however I'm sticking with it!

Weirdly my Dad just got the first series for my Mum for her birthday at the same time that we started watching it, so my Mum must have good taste!

I love Ned... hes charming, cute, sweet and lovely. My first experience of Lee Pace (I'm in love!) was about a month ago when we first got our HD tv - we found The Fall - the most beautiful film I have ever watched, with Lee Pace as the suicidal stuntman. I was fascinated by him even then - the contrast between the characters is amazing, he really is a great actor.

Anyway, enough gushing - the joy of Pushing Daisies is that not only do I love Ned but I love Chuck, she is the female version of Ned and Anna Friel (from England!) is unbelievably lovely. Every episode leaves me smiling at the end, delighted by the story, characters, glorious colours and... (sigh) Chuck's clothes! I might have found my style icon! (finally)

Unbelievably, Pushing Daisies was cancelled (another blow after Arrested Development) but I am determined to enjoy the 2 series that there are and love every single second of it!