Normally I would say that I am a chatty and friendly person, however sometimes I just do not have the time for people, especially people who talk to me either waiting for the bus, on the bus or walking from the bus to work.

Why talk to a stranger?! Granted, we see each other every week day and, yes, I do recognise your face... but just because we live in the same area, get the same bus and work on the same road, it doesn't mean I want to talk to you or hear your life story! Nor do I want to tell you my life story either... I don't know you, why should I tell you where I work?

The first person who started talking to me on the old 33 was fine - she was heavily pregnant and seemed to want to tell me everything: I found out how many brothers she had, heard all about her husband and their families and all the details about the impending baby. It amazed me how much information she eagerly volunteered about herself... Luckily she went on maternity leave and I got to return to my Ipod.

I managed to avoid talking to the people at my bus stop for 7 months, until last week... A lady passed out on the bus and landed pretty much on my feet - I had to ring for the ambulance and one of the girls who gets on at my stop was calming her down. So, obviously, she now has to talk to me... and I was doing so well...

Perhaps if I didn't get the bus so soon after waking up or after a long day at work I would be more amicable towards people, however early mornings + (increasingly) late buses does not equal to me being in pleasant, chatty and patient mood. I must be good at hiding my annoyance/impatience on buses though as these people always seem to find me!