Back to Reality and Metallica!

Sleepy. I'm so sleepy today... Sleepier than before I had my 3 days of holiday. Its been a busy (long) weekend and I have lots I want to share with you, so I should imagine there will be a few posts today, I've half planned 2 after this already, oops! I'll continue with Metallica in this post to start!


The Metallica gig was immense - I have never seen anything like it. The band were outstanding(of course) exceptionally talented, generous and incredibly interactive with the audience. The audience was electric - we had seats on the top tier and the standing crowd surrounding the centre stage looked like water - rippling and flowing around the stage with the occasional whirlpool moshpit gathering at the centre of each side. Amazing!

The best parts were watching the bass player Robert Trujillo (although no spinning this time) and my fave song was 'Nothing Else Matters'. Also the fans fascinated me - the age range was huge, there was a child of about 5 in the audience, who got the whole bands attention and a drum stick, lucky kid and an old man, who must have been at least 80 -the most amazing true rocker I have ever seen with a bandana! Each one was as dedicated as the next, completely captivated by the 4 men on the stage, giving back as much as they were taking.

We watched the Metallica film a few years ago (Some Kind of Monster - brilliant would definately recommend) and I found them all to be grounded, creative (though troubled) people, who were dedicated to their art, through the music, each other and the fans. I was not dissapointed by their characters on stage or I definately felt the love - from all included.

I have never seen anything like it - and I probably won't again... well, until the next time!

Here's a review including setlist.