Walking down the muddy tractor path between two fields that is my walk to work in the morning I could hear some faint rustling behind me on the right hand side. Usually I’m quite aware of the sounds around me when I’m walking through the countryside, having spent the majority of my childhood in Norfolk. Distracted by the noise, I kept turning to have a look, thinking it was someone walking behind me, until I heard the sound immediately above my head.

Quickly I looked up and there sitting on the tree branch that towered over my head was a little grey squirrel. I wasn’t really surprised to see it there; we used to see squirrels in the graveyard across from our old flat all the time. In fact I used to watch the neighbouring cats try to catch them for hours, normally when I should have been doing some work. The weirdest noise I’ve ever heard is a squirrel screaming at a cat.

After smiling to myself about seeing the squirrel I kept walking. As I kept going I could here the rustling in the trees following me down the path and as I got towards the main road, I turned to see where the squirrel was. Just as I made eye contact with it, it darted quickly behind a tree… then popped its head around a second later to look at me.

Seeing the squirrel try to hide from me was such a funny sight that I laughed at the thought that it would make a terrible spy: it was noisy, I had heard it all the way down the path; it was obvious and it didn’t blend into the trees at all. Turning away back towards the road, I saw the squirrel scamper off, almost embarrassed out of the corner of my eye and I chuckled the rest of my journey into work...