Checking in...

Hi guys, just a little blog post to say hi and update you on some news!

Its been a busy few weeks for us in Leeds... after putting in an offer for a house in December and waiting FIVE months to exchange and complete we finally got all the keys!! HURRAY! We spent last weekend decorating and this weekend we will be moving, I'm so excited. However as weekends are usually my 'taking care of blog business' time, I haven't written or scheduled any posts and I'm not 100% sure when I'll be able to. The good news is that I have photos to share, just no time or probably wifi for a little bit ha.

artful blogging.JPG

In photography related news... and its exciting news at that! I've been featured in the latest issue of Artful Blogging magazine. In print and everything! How amazing does this photo of mine look as a spread, it makes me a bit weak at the knees happy haha. Check out the preview of the magazine here and if you're thinking of buying it, I would highly recommend it! As well as my feature (which obviously is worth a read lol) there are loads of gorgeous articles and photos, I've really enjoyed reading my copy. 

In other exciting film photography news, my blog has been featured on Peta Pixel as part of my blog friend Jim Grey's '49 film photography blogs worth following' post. If you love film photography as much as I do then definitely check out this list - Jim has put together so many great blogs, some I've been reading a while and some new to me that I can't wait to check out too. 

I really love being a part of the film photography community, so its really an honour to be featured and part of such a great collection of websites, I'm still so thrilled about it.

Hopefully it won't be too long until I'm back here with regular content, but for now I'll be on Instagram sharing my Britain in Focus inspired series of photos daily, so head over there if you're missing me and I'll see you back here soon.

Playing tourist...

Although I spent many years living in Norwich, its been nearly ten years now since I lived there full time (time really flies!) so every time we have a spare couple of hours to hang out in Norwich with no real plans, we always enjoy playing tourist and visiting areas we've either never been to, or somewhere that we haven't been for a while. And of course I take photos too!

Although I only took one photo of the pub sign, I particularly enjoyed our visit to the Adam and Eve pub as my sister discovered a few years ago that we are descendants of the smuggling landlady Elizabeth who ran the pub in the mid 1900's - I'm kind of amazed I've never been before to be honest, but it was fun to visit for sure.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film; Lomo 400 CN
Location: Norwich, England