Hello! My name is Rhianne & welcome to my film photography blog and website, I'm so excited that you're joining me here.

A little about me…

I am a creator, I use photos,  words, computers and yarn to tell my stories and share the things I know and love. I've written articles and books for Gadchick and Lomography,  I work full time as a digital designer/engineer but I am most definitely a film photographer. Funny how these things work out.

I live in England with my handsome husband Thomas where we finally have a house with a garden and two little kittens! 

In no particular order... I love tea, the beach, yoga, lists, all of my cameras, feet photos, making blankets (knitted and crochet) and eating roast vegetables. I am usually smiling and over excited about something. My favourite colour is mustard yellow. I especially love writing and sharing what I know.

I really want a dog of my own (even with the kittens ha) and I am easily distracted…

A little about this SITE ….

I started For the easily distracted… as a blog in February 2009 as a way to distract myself from my day job and somehow since then this blog has become my creative haven, my own little world for inspiration and accidentally – a place to share my photos!

As the years have gone on, I've learnt more about the internet and wanted to push myself harder. I've also learnt a lot about photography - in particular film photography and I've been slowly building ways to share this knowledge with people.

Now For the easily distracted... is a dedicated film photography blog,  where my soul rests in pixels and my heart in words - sometimes I write a lot, sometimes not much, but the heart is always there.

You can see a complete list of all the cameras I’ve used so far on this blog here and also a complete list of all the films I’ve used too. (there are a lot... just saying)

You can read my answers to FAQ's here.


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If you want to buy any of my photos, you can find a selection on Society6.

You can also contact me via email about buying prints if the specific print that you want isn’t there and we can arrange something for you.

Thanks for visiting and trying to find out some more about me, I really hope you enjoy my blog and especially my photos!!
Have a wonderful day!