When I first started blogging I had a huge blogroll and I loved finding new blogs. I still love finding new blogs now but as the years have past, blogs have come and gone. This list is my very favourite blogs I love to read and I think you should read too...
(I could never pick favourites so they're in alphabetical order)

A Nerdy World

If you like films, TV and other popular culture then you will love this blog - Mandy's passion for what she loves really shines through her blog.

A wee bit of cake

One of my best friends lifestlyle and baking blog. Having eaten lots of Clare's cakes, I can highly recommend her recipes :)

Bianca Jagoe

I've been reading Bianca's blog for years and I've always loved what she's shared - her work is stunning and her insights are always great too.

Bless The Weather

Photography, knitting, lovely things & a cute pup! A perfect blog. Siobhan is lovely & reading her blog is like chatting in a coffee shop with her.

Candidly Clyde

A wonderful blog by Dawn containing not just her gorgeous photos but also her wonderfully evocative and engaging words. I love it.

Cardboard Cities

A beautifully creative and colourful lifestyle blog by Laura featuring her amazing work, lovely photos, outfits and whatever else takes her fancy.

Celeste Noche

I've been reading Celeste's blog for years. Not only are Celeste's photos stunning but her lovely personality shines through too.

Curating Cuteness

If film photography is your thing then this is the blog for you! Katie takes great photos with a range of cameras & films - prepare to be inspired.

Dianne Tanner

Sometimes you stumble on blogs that just aren't like any others and Dianne's is one of those. Dianne has a wonderful eye for photos and inspiration.

Every Second Sunday

A collective of photographers sharing photos on this film photography blog that makes my heart skip a beat - stunning photos & constant loveliness.

Habitual Homebody

I've always enjoyed Alycia's lifestyle blogs and she inspired me to start doing crochet with her crochet resource list - which I will love forever.

Hei! Astrid

A blog about things that Astrid likes. As well as sharing her daily life Astrid also runs a 'why do you shoot film series' that I adore. 

Hula Seventy

Andrea describes herself as 1 part photographer, 1 part writer, 1 part teacher, 1 part dancer, 1 hundred million part mama & her blog reflects all these.

Indie Berries

I talk about Che a lot - she illustrated my e-book & I just love her humour, positivity & passion for what she loves. She also has an amazing yoga blog too.

Ladybird Likes

I've been a huge fan of Zoe's blog and her shop for a long time - I even helped her with a stall here in Leeds. If you want to inspired check her blog out.

Moral Fibres

Moral Fibres is a green lifestyle blog written by Wendy who wants to make sustainable living hip not hippy. A really informative and thoughtful blog.

My Creative

I love Michelle's blog, not just for her beautiful photos but also her thought provoking and considered writing. A really lovely blog.


"The life of a traveling photographer". Freya is living the dream and sharing it with us through her stunning photos.

On my way

A photography blog where the photos tell the story and are open for your interpretation. Perfect for a 5 min break with a cup of tea.

On Roads & Cameras

A new to me film photography blog but one I thought was worthy of being shared. Beautiful photos of exciting adventures - what more do you need?

Oranges and Apples

I love Franca, her lifestyle blog is great sharing her daily life with her two boys and also her knitting and sewing adventures. One of my daily faves.

Our City Lights

A true inspiration Diana shares everything so eloquently - I always look forward to her posts and  I'm so glad I can call her a blog friend. 

Passer Domesticus

A blog that is as lovely as its writer. Polly shares beautiful photos and wonderful posts of her travels which I love reading.

Shimmering Grains

A new to me film photography blog & wow, what a blog! Marie is truly passionate about film photography & her photos completely show that.

Susannah Conway

Another blogger I talk about a lot as I just love everything she does. Beautiful photos, gorgeous words, amazing
e-courses & a book to boot. I love her.

The Girl Has Sparke

Megan is one of the most likeable bloggers I've ever met online and her lifestyle blog with food, outfits and general posts is just as likeable to. 

So there we go - hopefully I haven't missed any of my favourites from this list and I hope you find some new favourites now too.