Leeds through their eyes: Dianne

I love seeing how others take photos of Leeds with film cameras, so I was incredibly excited to see Dianne's photos of Leeds on her blog and when I asked if she minded me sharing her photos here, she said yes. Huzzah!

Dirty Leeds Dirty Leeds Dirty Leeds Dirty Leeds Dirty Leeds Dirty Leeds

Dianne named these photos Dirty Leeds and that in particular made me laugh - I often forget just how industrial and downtrodden areas of Leeds can be, but I think Dianne's caught it perfectly.

You can see more 'Leeds through their eyes' photos here.

Photographer: Dianne Tanner
Camera: Mamiya 135EF

These photos are used with Diannes's permission so please do not reuse them.


The almost forgotten film that went across the world...

Hi, I'm Natalie - travel obsessed, coffee addict, amateur photographer, sometimes film-shooter, maker of scrapbooks & blogger over at scrapbooking + other adventures.

My commitment to film photography tends to come in waves. More often than not, I'll pack my Diana+ to take on a trip away, shoot a few frames and then once I'm back in London laziness sets in and I opt for digital photography and instant gratification most of the time.

A few months ago I (shock, horror) actually took my Diana+ on a walk around London with me and took a few last photos to finish up a roll. A roll that I knew had been in my camera for quite a while - I'm embarrassed to admit it was at least a year!

So, when I dropped it off to get developed, I was pretty intrigued to see where the heck I'd actually taken it. Turns out, that little film had been to the other side of the world and back! Thanks so much to Rhianne for letting me share a few of my favourite frames here...

I've had mixed luck with my Diana+ photos in the past and have often felt a bit discouraged. But seeing the results from this roll has given me renewed inspiration to keeping taking more photos with this camera - both around London and on my travels - and a load of motivation to definitely shoot with it more often.


Guest post: Olympic experience: steel, flowers and smiles

Olympic experience: steel, flowers and smilesby Mrs M

Something strange descended on London at the start of August. The normally reserved city dwellers, scurrying to and from their daily business, morphed into chatty smiley neighbours. It was not unpleasant... far from it! However, it was intriguing, like a mass invasion of bodysnatchers.

{The Velodrome (aka Pringle) was beset by people, like ants congregating on an ant hill.}

{The Orbit}

But what if ‘aliens’, whether from outer space or the depths of a rainforest, had landed on this island? What would they have made of an eastern corner of this river city with its incongruous steal structures?

They might have looked forbidding, menacing even, were it not for the delightful meadow flowers, armies of jolly marshalls uniformed in purple and orange, and the cheerful revellers sporting every colour of the rainbow...

Photographer: Mrs M from The Double Life of Mrs M Camera: Diana F+ Film: Lomography Redscale 100, Color Negative 400 and X-Pro 200 Location: Olympic Park (Stratford, East London)