The top of Arthur's Seat

I guess you would expect these photos to be of the glorious views at the top of Arthurs Seat...and I did take some of those too - but they were with my LC-A which doesn't seem very happy at the moment so I won't be sharing those until I can get them to look at least half decent (it was editing or blogging ha, blogging won). I also took my Canon with me - and I decided that once I got to the top, I should really take a photo of something as I'd carried the heavy thing all the way there. I didn't really know what to take a photo of and then I spotted these padlocks. People really will put them anywhere these days!

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

The green fence

Usually I walk on the other side of the road on my walk to the train station every morning and evening but this time, I walked on the side of the road with the green fence. I've shared photos of this fence before but this time I spent a bit longer looking for interesting details - there's something about the cracked paint and the juxtaposition against nature that I really love.

Just after I took these, I also saw a series by Mindy of the same fence on Instagram, isn't it a small world!

Camera: Minolta X-500
Film: Lomo CN 400
Location: Leeds

Pretty things I saw but didn't buy...

I've been trying to not as spend as much money lately - so this means, no more buying things I don't need - even if they are super lovely. So on our recent visit to the Art Cafe in Glanford, I took photos of things instead and actually, I think I might have had more fun doing that!

 Although that last scarf nearly broke my resolve, look at those colours! But I'm so pleased that I managed to catch the colours here at least.

Camera: Minolta X-500
Film: Lomo 400 CN
Location: The Art Cafe, Norfolk