A gloomy afternoon

One of the fun things about scanning your own films is that - there are no rules anymore. In fact most of the self imposed 'rules' I had for film photography have vanished since I started scanning my own films... I didn't realise I had so many ha! These photos were actually taken with colour film - but it was so gloomy at this point of the day that the colours washed out and looked a bit - well - rubbish. I knew there were some good photos here though - and as scanning and editing is now all about finding those hidden gems in the results I get - I was determined to find the ones in these.

Drop the saturation - adjust the contrast a little - and boom. Here we are. One gloomy afternoon walking around the lake at Kiplin Hall in Richmond.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Location: Kiplin Hall, Richmond


The bird kind... not the mechanical kind. One of the main attractions in Pensthorpe Natural Park was the preservation of endangered crane species. I can't think of many times that I've seen cranes, so I found them fascinating to watch - it looks like their knees bend backwards but apparently, thats their ankle and they actually have really long feet?! Crazy! Either way - fascinating!!

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Lomo CN 400
Location: Pensthorpe Nature Park, Norfolk