A very special cake club!

I've mentioned my best friend Clare here before and definitely shown photos of cakes from the Clandestine Cake Club here before too (I wouldn't look at that tag if you're hungry haha, so many pretty cakes). And once again I was very lucky enough to be invited along to a cake club event with Clare - and this time it was extra special at John Lewis in Leeds. Not only did we get to look at and eat lots of very pretty and delicious cakes, but we also got a goody bag and a massage - nice huh? I of course, took lots of photos, so here goes...

Oh boy, you want to eat cake right now I bet... I do! Amazingly we didn't eat a crazy amount of cake at this event, we've got pretty seasoned at taking a smaller amount and trying them all haha, I did take cake home though, so thats a bonus!

Clare also has some digital photos and a video of the event - so if you wonder what I sound and look like, you can see me there if you fancy that.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Agfa Vista 200 (which did amazingly well inside, I'm surprised/impressed)
Location: John Lewis, Leeds

Sunny Hunny

This isn't the first time I've used this title for a post, but as it was indeed very sunny on this particular visit to Hunstanton, I think its only right to use it again! I mean look at that sunshine... what a glorious day it was.


I kind of think these look like old postcards, what do you think? I really like that though, there is something so oldy worldy about Hunstanton.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Hunstanton, Norfolk

Beach hut details

After a while of not taking photos, these were some of the first I took after arriving in Norfolk and I really love them. When I first started taking photos with my Holga 135bc I very much enjoyed taking photos of the 'bigger picture' of landscapes, far views, etc.  But now, I much prefer the nitty gritty details, those little moments that are often so simple but in being so, are also incredibly beautiful.


I think I might load up my camera this week and just try to take the little details photos - the things like this that catch my eye, rather than the 'big picture' ones. I wonder how hard that will be, sometimes creative habits are hard to break!

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk