Lovely light

After finishing my crazy month of January I’ve taken a week to relax and honestly, it felt soooo good! I suck at self care when I’m busy and stressed. Well I suck at it anyway ha. So it was nice to read a book, crochet a blanket, ignore the laptop and top up my cup.

Another self care treat is going through my photos and these one in especially have made my heart skip a little bit - we all know I’m a sucker for lovely light - but these are especially gorgeous!


These are a mixture of photos taken at Roundhay Park in Leeds and around Kirkstall Abbey but they make such a good set that I’ve snuck them in together.

I really can’t wait for the sun to shine properly again!

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Lomography CN 400
Location: Leeds

More black and white deliciousness

Can you believe that I have some photos taken with my favourite black and white film that I haven’t shared with you here?! I know, I can’t believe it either. Don’t worry though - I’m now on a mission to share all the Kodak BW400CN love that I can ha! Lets start with these lovelies!

Oh boy every one of these photos makes me swoon a little. I’m thinking of writing a blog post about that actually - loving your own photos and how to get to that stage - would anyone have any questions about that they would love to ask me?? Please do in the comments.

p.s. to the person who likes my posts on my actual blog site with the little heart at the bottom - you make my chuffing day everytime you do that - thank you!!!